Best Toaster Reviews 2018: UK Edition

Toasters have come a long way since their 1863 debut. Early 19th century toasters were bulky, ugly cages that could only do one thing– make toast. Also, the first toasters only toasted one side of a piece of bread at a time.

Today’s toasters are multifunction kitchen appliances capable of doing a whole lot more than their predecessors. They can warm up frozen bread, perform rapid toasting and even make eggs.

Of course, if you only need a basic toaster that will look nice in your kitchen there are plenty of simple, stylish options to choose from. Companies like Bosch, Morphy Richards and Italian appliance manufacturer Delonghi make very attractive looking toasters.

We investigated several popular toasters to find out which ones stood out from the pack. At the end of our review process, we narrowed down the competition to the 6 toasters you’ll find listed below. Enjoy!

Russell Hobbs
Morphy Richards Accents

5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Toaster

1. Price

If you’ve just moved into a new flat and you’re trying to find new appliances for your kitchen, you obviously don’t want to blow all your money on a toaster. On the other hand, if toast is an important part of your breakfast meal you may want to look at some of the nicer options to ensure that you get a high quality appliance that’ll last for several years.

2. Functionality and features

A multi-function toaster that’ll also cook your eggs can save you a lot of kitchen space. Also, multi-function kitchen gadgets that are also easy to clean can save you time. On the other hand, multi-function toasters are also a bit more expensive compared to traditional toasters. Also, some multi-function gadgets look exciting and interesting but just don’t work very well when you use them. Always read at least a few reviews before you buy.

3. Four slices or two?

Four slice toasters are great for families, but they also take up quite a bit more space compared to two slice models. If you don’t need to make four pieces of toast at a time, go with a two slice machine.

4. Slot width

Some toasters work great on bread, but their slots are too narrow to handle bagels. If you only eat sliced bread, then thin slots are not a problem. However, if you do enjoy eating bagels, make sure to take at the slot width first before you buy.

5. Brand name

Though there are several smaller companies that make good kitchen appliances, if you want to ensure that your toaster is of high quality it is a good idea to buy from a manufacturer you know and trust. Cheap, off-brand toasters are a waste of money because they tend to break easily and malfunction frequently.

The Best 6 Toasters of 2018 (So Far)

We liked each of these 6 outstanding toasters for completely different reasons. In no particular order, here they are. Enjoy!

1. The Toast ‘N’ Egg Toaster – Tefal

This toaster/egg cooker combo from Tefal is perhaps the most innovative item on our list. It’s an awesome little gadget that’ll save you some time in the kitchen if you like eggs and toast with your breakfast.


  • Less mess. Cleaning up the kitchen after you make eggs is a pain. Eggs tend to stick to cookware and make everything greasy. Cooking eggs with the Toast ‘N’ Egg, however, is a cinch.
  • It can make 4 hardboiled eggs at once. Four eggs is quite a lot of food. In just a few minutes, you can make breakfast for two.


  • It’s perhaps a little too powerful. Several customers complained that the eggs cooked a little too fast for their liking. However, if you keep a close eye on your egg while it’s cooking this shouldn’t be a big problem.

If you buy the Toast ‘N’ Egg on Amazon, you can get a reduced price. Click here for more info.


2. The Colours Flame Red Toaster – Russell Hobbs

The founder and namesake of Russell Hobbs, Inc. fought against the Germans during WWII. After the war ended, he started a manufacturing company in London. Today Russell Hobbs has become a household name in the UK. Let’s take a look at this stylish toaster to see what it has to offer.


  • A great basic toaster. It does what it does very well. If you only need two slices of toast in the morning, this is the toaster for you. The slots are very long, wide and will accommodate any size bread.
  • Stylish color and design. Most toasters are designed to blend in with the rest of your kitchen appliances, but not this one. We liked this toaster’s thin profile and bright colors.


  • Short power cable. Depending on how your kitchen arrangement, the short cable on this machine could actually be an advantage. However, if your power outlets are located far away from where you want to set up this toaster you’ll need an extension.


3. VTT233 4 Slice Toaster – Breville

Here’s another sleek yet simple toaster. The low-key VTT233 performs its primary function flawlessly. Plus, it comes in black, so it’ll blend in well with any kitchen color scheme.


  • Two slots, four slices. The long, wide slots on this machine will accommodate four slices of bread– or two super long slices.
  • Reheat button. If you forget about your toast and it goes cold, no problem. Just pop it back in and hit the reheat button.


  • The slots are too shallow for some. Some purchasers complained that the slots were not deep enough. However, it is deep enough for most normal slices of bread.


4. CTJ4003.B Black Brillante 4 Slice Toaster – Delonghi

If Lamborgini made toasters, they would probably look something like this one. The CTJ4003.B Black Brillante is hands-down the most stylish toaster currently on the market. It’s also one of the most powerful toasters money can buy.


  • Rapid toasting. If you are always in a rush in the morning, every minute counts– so who wants to wait for bread to come out of the toaster? This toaster boasts 1.4 kilowatts of power and toasts bread faster than any other toaster out there.
  • Stylish design. The unique design of this machine was influenced by the crystal artwork of Italian artist Marco Varisco. It’s the most interesting looking toaster money can buy.


  • Expensive. Though this toaster won’t clean out your bank account, it is about twice as expensive as its competition.


5. The 4 Slice Accents Toaster – Morphy Richards Accents

Morphy Richards currently has the #1 best selling toaster on Amazon. If you already own several appliances in the Morphy Richards Accent product line, this is the toaster for you. All of the appliances in the Morphy Richards Accent line are designed to look good together in a kitchen.


  • Fashionable retro appearance. We liked this toaster’s brushed steel centre and black panels. If it was made of wood, it would look like a vintage tube radio from the 1930s. This toaster is available in black, blue, cream or red.
  • Wide, long slots. The slots on this toaster are long and wide enough for just about any type of bread.
  • Two independent ovens. If you don’t make it to the toaster first, you can use the other side to toast your bread.
  • Goes with other Morphy Richards appliances. The Morphy Richards Accent line of kitchen products match and look nice together. If you already own a few Morphy Richards appliances, this toaster is the natural choice.


  • It’s bulky. At 29 x 25 x 21 cm, this toaster isn’t huge– but it is a bit too bulky for crowded kitchens.


6. The Village Toaster – Bosch

This no-frills toaster from Bosch gets the job done. It has a small profile, wide slots and a surface that’s super easy to keep clean.


  • No smudges or fingerprints. The clean matt finish means that you won’t ever have to wipe fingerprints off the surface.
  • Compact design. This toaster’s dimensions (19x31x16 cm) are quite small. It’ll fit in just about any kitchen.
  • Low price. This is the cheapest toaster on our list. However, it is well made. Bosch makes good appliances and this one is no exception.
  • Goes with other Bosch appliances. If you already have Bosch appliances, this toaster will look good in your kitchen.


  • Lacks bells and whistles found on other modern toasters. This toaster is about as basic as they come. However, it does have a nice high bread lifter and a reheat/defrost setting.