20 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Small Kitchen

Bigger doesn’t always mean better– at least, not when it comes to kitchens. If you know how to work with what you’ve got, you can turn even the tiniest kitchen into a seriously stylish space. Read on to discover 20 brilliant design tips for small kitchens. 20. Clear out your clutter Image by houzz If … Read more

What’s So Great About Kale?

All vegetables are good for you, but some are more beneficial than others. Kale in particular is one of the biggest rockstars of the veggie world. Even though kale looks a lot like lettuce, it’s totally different in terms of nutrition. Kale is a nutrient dense “super food” that should be an integral part of … Read more

The World’s Best Iced Coffee Recipe

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Best Slow Cooker Reviews 2018: UK Edition

During the winter, it’s good to enjoy a nice, piping hot meal. With a slow cooker, you can enjoy a vast variety of warm foods– anything from a spicy chilli to a sumptuous casserole. Slow cookers are incredibly easy to use. Just drop in the ingredients and leave it alone before you go to work. … Read more

Best Juicer Reviews 2018 Coldpress and Masticating: UK Edition

According to information from the NHS, a large percentage of overweight people in the UK are suffering from malnutrition. Bad food choices are to blame. Though street food may relieve hunger, over the long term it just doesn’t provide the body with the right kind of fuel it needs to operate. Chairman of the National … Read more

Best Espresso Reviews 2018: UK Edition

If you’re not a morning person, some form of caffeine with breakfast is a must. For many, a simple cup of tea is enough to shake the cobwebs off. The rest of us need something a bit stronger, like a fresh cup of coffee, or– better yet– a shot of espresso. In the olden days, … Read more

Best Food Processor Reviews 2018: UK Edition

Let’s face it. After grinding out an 8 hour shift at work or taking care of the kids all day home, the last thing you want to do when dinnertime rolls around is knead a huge hunk of dough or grate up an entire block of parmesan cheese. But food prep doesn’t have to be … Read more

Best Toaster Reviews 2018: UK Edition

Toasters have come a long way since their 1863 debut. Early 19th century toasters were bulky, ugly cages that could only do one thing– make toast. Also, the first toasters only toasted one side of a piece of bread at a time. Today’s toasters are multifunction kitchen appliances capable of doing a whole lot more … Read more